About us.

Terry Caron and Spring Lake Naturals

Terry Caron, a Canadian nurse, founded Spring Lake Naturals in her home in 2014. She initially sought to create a natural skin aid for a friend with severe psoriasis, resulting in the successful Healing Salve. Inspired by this success, Terry developed a range of other products.

She started by selling at local farmers markets, where positive feedback fueled her passion and vision. In 2018, she opened her first shop on Main St. in Stony Plain with a dedicated and knowledgeable team. Together, they create a variety of products, from Loofah Body Bars to Relax Wax Melts, Men's Beard Oil, and Shaving Cream, expanding their men's line annually.

Spring Lake Naturals has been proudly operating for over 10 years. As a proud community supporter, the business was nominated for "Best New Business of the Year" at the 2019 Stony Plain Chamber Gala. What began as a hobby has grown into a mission to bring natural, healing products to everyone who chooses the journey of natural living.